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International Airport Parking

We meet our customer and collect their car from King Shaka International Airport. Upon their return, we wash and deliver their car to them.

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Harbour Parking

We meet our customers and collect their car from the Durban Harbour. Upon their return, we wash and deliver their car to them.

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Car Valet

This extremely convenient option is provided at an additional charge: we do thorough carpet and seat cleaning.

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Pool Vehicle Storage

Individuals not based in Durban can still have their vehicle stored in the city. Simply let us know about what you require, and we will prepare a vehicle and deliver it to the airport as soon as they land.

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Vehicle Maintenance

If you want to have your vehicle taken for service, but you just don’t have the time, you can let us know and we will take the vehicle to your preferred service centre.

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Parking Service Process

Our drivers are always in possession of their South African driver’s license, and clients are entitled to request to see it before handing over their vehicle to one of our drivers. We inspect your vehicle in your presence and mark all damages in our document which you, as a client, will countersign and get your copy. We take record of the mileage and fuel level in your presence, as well as have it documented in your copy.

Durban Parking Services has an excellent track record of experiencing no incidents such as theft, damage or poor service.

Forgot Food In Your Car?
No Problem!

We understand that in the rush to get to the airport in time, a few things may just slip your mind. If you’ve only remembered you’ve got perishable edible items in your car after dropping it off by us – don’t stress! Give us a call and we will gladly place it in a freezer/cold room for you until you return.