Affordable International Airport
& Harbour Parking in Durban

The frustration of returning from your trip and discovering that your car has been damaged in an International airport parking lot can be too much to bear.

Durban Parking Services provides hassle-free parking in Durban for travellers looking for an added touch of convenience (such as valet and car security!) to their holidays. By choosing us as your parking partner, you can look forward to a peaceful trip and returning to your vehicle safe and sound at King Shaka International Airport or the Durban Harbour.

Store. Wash. Vacuum.

Durban Parking Services offers travellers an ultra convenient treat: for a small additional fee, we will not only wash and vacuum your car, but clean the seats and carpets too. You will receive your car back in a better condition than you left it with us. Are you ready to opt for the easy way to park your car when you go on holiday? Contact us to get the ball rolling.